Grindstone's expertise and services can be grouped in three main areas:

Biotech processes | Business processes |Organisation |

Biotech processes

  • Increasing process yield and consistency
  • Scale-up of processes and introduction in operations
  • Improving quality by reducing deviations or removing impurities
  • Growth media development
  • Analyses, modelling, and fit-for-plant studies
  • From process development until process validation
  • Interactions with other CMC areas such as QC
  • Establishing and maintaining compliance with Regulatory, GMP and SHE requirements

Specific strengths

- USP, in particular microbial fermentation

- Vaccines

- Veterinary and Animal Health

Business processes

  • Tech transfers, both from R&D to Manufacturing and from one site to another
  • Risk assessments and Quality by Design
  • Conducting assessments of potential C(D)MO partners

  • Establishing and running a Tier or daily Visual Management system
  • Lean project management using A3s
  • Dynamic Work Design or Business Process Design
  • Effective Business Performance Management

Specific strengths

- Deploying Lean practices in a project environment such as Tech Ops or R&D

- Analysing and challenging the current state


  • Developing, executing and translating strategy with engagement from employees
  • Coaching and development of professionals
  • Change management

  • Lean leadership and behaviours

  • Organisational design
  • Opportunity assessments
  • Interim management

Specific strengths

- Establishing and executing a strategic vision

- Coaching of professionals in R&D and Technical Operations