The belief behind Grindstone PMC is that it constitutes a tool that allows clients to sharpen their capabilities and consequently structurally perform at a higher level. This implies that we do not 'just' want to solve the problem you are facing but to build the fundamental capability in your organisation to better tackle such issues structurally in the future.

At the same time the image of Grindstone invokes that this can be hard work.  We will challenge the current state and its underlying assumptions and ways of working. Occasionally sparks will fly. And it requires perseverance. But as anyone who has worked with newly sharpened tools may attest, the result is not only that the work becomes much easier... it becomes more enjoyable as well.


Grindstone PMC actively collaborates with other experts in the field and is part of a network that spans a large part of Europe and across to the US. This allows us to serve clients across geographical locations and include subject matter experts from various areas, ranging from Quality Assurance, Fill & Finish, LeanSixSigma (Black belt), and Leadership development.

To reflect our philosophy, Grindstone PMC spends a dedicated amount of time with selected start-up companies at no or minimal charge.

Instead we get energy from the buzzing entrepreneurship and contributing to building successful new businesses that are delivering solutions to needs in society.

As an example, Grindstone PMC has worked with Mylium, a start up that is developing a sustainable alternative to leather and textile materials using mycelium


Simen-Jan Slagman

Managing Director

Senior Consultant

" I have two decades of experience in various senior roles in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, in areas ranging from R&D to Manufacturing and the Tech Ops/MS&T activities in between.

Having been trained initially as a biotechnologist, over time my focus has extended beyond technical processes to improving business processes and the people and organisations that run them, including aspects like Lean, Business Process Design, and Business Performance Management. This is related to my motivation to structurally improve the people and organisations that run these processes, keeping in mind the long term and big picture, in contrast to supplying a quick fix for a metric.

In general, I possess good analytical skills, strategic thinking, and business acumen. I work well across international cultures and teams, as well as functional disciplines (e.g. Reg Affairs, Quality, R&D, Operations). In doing so I communicate well with stakeholders on all levels. I am looking to continuously further my personal development. For example, I have performed a research project with professor Mike Bourne from Cranfield University, as a Visiting Fellow."

Simen-Jan holds master degrees in microbiology, biotechnology, and business administration.

Outside of work he enjoys running and kayaking.

For further details on his experience and achievements please refer to his personal LinkedIn page